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Big Country Iron Works, home of Nichols Bottle Trees
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About Us

Scott, Nolan and Alison Nichols of Nichols Bottle Trees at Big Country Iron Works

Big Country Iron Works is a small family owned and operated company that began in 2007. We are Scott, Alison and Nolan Nichols and are located just outside the historic town of Sutter Creek located in the Mother Lode of Northern California's wine country.

Our journey into making and developing custom bottle trees began with Scott's desire to utilize his welding skills in a creative manner. Scott worked as a skilled welder for nearly 14 years and began doing custom iron gates and creating metal art works in his spare time. At my request, Scott began creating some works that would add color to my garden and yard areas. We also wanted to include some of the items that we had and recycle them into art for the yard. I also have a fondness for rainbows and lots of color and upon doing some minor research in garden and yard art, the development of Nichols' Bottle Trees began.

The history of the bottle trees dates back far beyond our history and the beauty of that is one can imagine, develop and create their own interpretation of a bottle tree. We feel that is what we are doing at Nichols' Bottle Trees, interpreting our inner creative spirit to enlighten our garden and the gardens of others. We also accept requests to create our clients' ideas as well.

Why our trees? Well, we are aware that there are quite a few others creating bottle trees and feel that you should choose a tree that meets your needs. If that's one of our trees, GREAT! If not, we understand and would hope you would at least enjoy checking them out.

Big Country Iron Works ~ Nichols Bottle Trees
Scott and Alison Nichols
Sutter Creek, California

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