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Order Bottles For Your Bottle Trees

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If you are planning to place an order for a variety of tree types or for more than three
trees of one type, email us to see if we can give you a better quote on shipping.

Bottles for Bottle Trees from Big Country Iron Works

Bottle Colors: red, cobalt blue, green, orange, and purple.

Bottle Prices:
1 Bottle 7.50
     3 Bottles 21.00
     4 Bottles 28.00
     5 Bottles 35.00
     6 Bottles 40.00
     12 Bottles 72.00

Bottle Shipping Charges:
1 bottle: $9.00
     3, 4 or 5 bottles: $15.00
     6 bottles: $18:00
     12 bottles: $28.00

Select the number of bottles you wish to order below. The prices include shipping.


Use these boxes to let us know the colors you want:




Warranty: Please examine your package thoroughly upon receiving! We will replace any tree damaged during shipping. This warranty does not apply to any bottles or trees that were damaged due to improper installation or misuse or cover normal wear of parts including rusting, fading, scratching of bottles or trees.
All Sales are final. We do not accept returns as generally shipping the item back is costly and not worth it. Bottles and bottle trees are provided as-is without warranty of any kind we will not be held liable nor responsible to any person or entity with respect to any injury, loss, or damages coming from the misuse or installation of any bottle tree or bottle.

Big Country Iron Works ~ Nichols Bottle Trees
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